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Hack Facebook Account using Kali Linux - Step by Step Full process

As we know, Hacking Facebook account is very hard because of its latest updates and security, but to do so, you will need some skills and knowledge of social engineering. Using this method, You can get Facebook account credentials for Facebook Account Hacking . You should also have knowledge in kali linux as wll as basic understanding of “Networking”.

So here is step by step full process, Using this you can probably gain access to someone's Facebook credentials very easily and Hack their accounts.

Step 1 :-

First, Install Kali linux
To install kali linux you need to download it from kali linux site. Within Kali, there is an app called the Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF). It is capable of helping you hack the victim's browser and take control of it. Once you have control of their browser, there are so many things you can do.

Step 2 :-

Then, Open BeEF
Open your Kali (Hacking Machine), and you should be showed with a screen like below. You start up BeEF by clicking on the cow icon to the left of the Kali desktop.

Facebook Account Hacking

When you click on it, it starts BeEF by opening a terminal.

Facebook Account Hacking

BeEF is an application that runs in the background on a web server on your system that you access from a browser. Once BeEF is up and running, open your IceWeasel browser to access its interface. You can login to BeEF by using the username beef and the password beef.

Facebook Account Hacking

You will then by greeted by BeEF's Getting “Started” screen.

Facebook Account Hacking

Step 3 :-

Then, Attack On Victim's Browser
This is the most critical—maybe even the most difficult part—of this hack. You must get the victim to click on a specially designed JavaScript link to “hook” their browser. This can be done in innumerable ways.
The script looks something like below. Embed it into a webpage, and when someone clicks on it, you own their browser.


Step 4 :-

Then, Send a Dialog Box to the User
When you have hooked the victim's browser, its IP address, along with the operating system and browser type icons, will appear in the “Hooked Browsers” panel on the left. Here, I have simply used my own browser to demonstrate.
If we click on the hooked browser, it opens a BeEF interface on the right side. Notice that it gives us the details of the browser initially. It also provides us with a number of tabs. For our purposes here, we are interested in the “Commands” tab.

Facebook Account Hacking

Click on the “Commands” tab, then scroll down the “Modules Tree” until you come to “Social Engineering“ and click to expand it. It will display numerous social engineering modules. Click on “Pretty Theft,” which will open a “Module Results History” and “Pretty Theft” window.
This module enables you to send a pop-up window in the user's browser. In our case, we will be using the Facebook dialog box.

Facebook Account Hacking

If we click on the “Dialog Type“ box, we can see that this module can not only create a Facebook dialog box, but also a LinkedIn, Windows, YouTube, Yammer, and a generic dialog box. Select the Facebook dialog type,then click on the “Execute” button the the bottom.

Facebook Account Hacking

Step 5 :-

After that, The Dialog Box Appears on the Target System
When you click “Execute” in BeEF, a dialog box will appear in the victim's browser like that below. It tells the victim that their Facebook session has expired and they need to re-enter their credentials.

Facebook Account Hacking

Although you may be suspicious of such a pop-up box, most users will trust that their Facebook session expired and will simply enter their email and password in.

Facebook Account Hacking

Step 6 :-

After getting Credential from the victim, Harvest the Credentials
Back on our system in the BeEf interface, we can see that the credentials appear in the “Command results” window. The victim has entered their email address “” and their password “sweetbippy” and they have been captured and presented to you in BeEF.

Facebook Account Hacking

If you are really able to get those Facebook account credentials, it can be most definitely be done, and this is just one way among many hacking methods.

This article is for educational purpose only. Hacking Facebook, Instagram or any other account is a serious crime. If anyone do any illegal activity then we are not responsible for that.

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