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Posted by Lofi X Hacking Team

Facebook hacking using Termux Bruteforce Tool

In this article we learn about how to Facebook hacking using Termux with the Help of Bruteforce Tool.

Before going to do anything, We should of the little bit knowledge of the tool which we gonna use in this hacking process.

The tool we use in this process is named FBBrute. It is a Facebook Brute force tool, Launches an attack by guessing the target password with a set of wordlist provided.

Fb account hacking

Basically, This is the same process as you try to login to someon's account while guessing the password, if the password you are trying is wronng, you will think of another password that might be used by the target to login to the the account but this way might be a bit longer, but with FBBrute this will make it much easier. You only have to create a file with a collection of passwords then you have to enter the username, email or ID of the target you want to hack then press start to crack.

First we have to Install, FBBrute Tool In Termux

You have to just type or copy-paste the commands in your terminal which is given below.

Step 1. Update the packages.

pkg update && upgrade

Step2. Install linux non-desktop version for tool installation.

pkg update -y && pkg install curl proot tar -y && curl | bash

Step3. Start the linux terminal.


Step4. install essential packages.

sudo apt install python git

Step5. clone the github repo.

git clone

Step6. Now we need to install password.txt list .

If you don't know about how to install password.txt list , just checkout on website

Step7. Open directory

cd FBBrute

After installing FBBrute Tool follow the given below steps for your results You have to just type of copy-paste the commands which is given below.

Step1. Start it by commands,type:


Fb account hacking

Step2. Now entre the FACEBOOK EMAIL OR USERNAME of your Victim.

Fb account hacking

Step3.Now enter the password list file and press enter .

Fb account hacking

Step4. Now Its start trying your password list on your victims account.

Fb account hacking

Step5. Important , This process is depend on your passwordlist . It will try all the possible password against victim's id. JUST BE PATIENCE , IT WILL TAKE MAX. 4-5 hours or more.

DISCLAIMER: This Article is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only. Don't use the given information for illegal activities. Your are the only responsible for your actions!

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