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Wi-Fi Hacking Commands to Hack Any Wi-Fi in 10 mins

In this article, We will know about Commands to Hack any Wi-Fi in 10 mins.

Commands to Hack Wifi

If you want to take someone Wi-Fi without knowing password then from the help of this article you are able to do.

First you have to open the terminal in Kali Linux , then you have to do nothing

just execute these below commands :-

sudo su

cd Desktop

git clone https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8188eus

rmmod r8188eu.ko

cd rtl8188eus

echo “blacklist r8188eu” to “/etc/modprobe.d/”


make install

modprobe 8188eu


ip link set wlan0 down

ip link set wlan0 name wlan0mon

iwconfig wlan0mon mode monitor

locate rockyou.txt

cd /usr/share/wordlists/

gunzip rockyou.txt.gz

After get connected, Enjoy free Wi-Fi...See you in next article...

DISCLAIMER: This Article is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only. Don't use the given information for illegal activities. Your are the only responsible for your actions!

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