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In this article we will learn about How to hack an android phone.

As we know this period of time mobile has taken over computers an desktops. Because they enable he user to access email, browse the internet, navigate via GPS and stores, calendar, passwords, etc.

Phone Hacking Method

About Android Phone Hacking - How to Hack an Android Mobile Phone

A mobile device allows us to communicate between people to people with the help of radio frequencies. It is used to do many works as well as multimedia sharing, send messages, emails, internet access, etc.

According to the App Annie reports the mobile app market produced 82 billion dollar in gross yearly sales in 2019, and this amount is expected to increase to 143 billion dollar by 2020. By 2021, gross yearly income is expected to hit 190 billion dollar.

Juniper Research analysts forecast a 2 trillion dollar market for payments and transactions done through mobile banking applications by 2024.

As mobile has provided technological advances by having the option to sending messages, email and have the feature of download applications , hackers misuse these for malicious purposes like sending malformed apk files or click attack entitle to attract victims to attractive links using which attackers get access to control to victim/target system partially or completely for his/her personal benefits.

Types of attack used in the Android phone Hacking and these are:

1) SMS forwarding

3) Malicious Website clicking

4) Malicious apps downloading

2) Bluetooth hacking

Phone Hacking Code full process (Follow the steps one by one)

1) Use ‘msfconsole’ in the terminal to open the Metasploit framework in Kali Linux.

Phone Hacking Method

2) Look for the different sets of exploits using the command ‘show exploits’ and find the useful exploit for Android Phone.

Phone Hacking Method

3) Use ‘exploit meterpreter reverse TCP’ to connect and set localhost and local port i.e. attacker IP and port. This will help in the generation of an apk extension file. (Refer to the image below).

Phone Hacking Method

4. Set the payload and set all values of LHOST and LPORT and exploit this payload so as to gain a meterpreter connection whenever the victim connects to the android mobile phone .

Phone Hacking Method

5) Install Android x86 in VMware for mobile simulation.

Phone Hacking Method

6) Start the Apache service in the attacker profile and manipulate the victim to access, open and install your shared file.

Phone Hacking Method

7) As the installation is complete, the meterpreter connection is established and the attacker gains access to the victim’s mobile system giving her/him access to all dump files, call history, messages, and even all personal data from the victim’s hack phone by mobile hacking.

Phone Hacking Method

8. With different kinds of hacking access modes, the attacker can manipulate and spoof calls and messages from the victim’s hack phone. They can even access the victim’s hack phone camera without their knowledge by hacking your Android Mobile Phone.

Phone Hacking Method

Don't Be a Victim, Be a Hacker

Before installing any apk, or tapping on any link, think about it.

DISCLAIMER: This Article is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only. Don't use the given information for illegal activities. Your are the only responsible for your actions!

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