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Top Kali Linux Tools for Wifi Hacking

In this article we will learn about Top Kali Linux Tools which are used by most of the hackers to hack wifi networks.

As we know that, WiFi hacking is the most popular activity these days. Even though you have a good and active internet connection at home, you want to connect to your neighbor's wireless system to get free internet.

If you're one of them and would like to hack your neighbor's wifi or access free wifi through a wifi access point listed on your device, you are not alone.

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You should be aware that your neighbour is looking for the same thing. If you have a wifi access point at home or work, a bad person sitting behind you may try to hack it.

What are the various Wifi hacking tools that a hacker uses to break into Wifi ? I believe you are thinking about this question. This article will assist you in finding this software.

Top 3 Wifi Hacking Tools

Here are the tools given below :-

1. Fern Wifi Cracker

If you enjoy Graphical User Interfaces, You will enjoy this WiFi hacking tool. Because of the graphical user interface It aids in the cracking of WEP, WPA/WPA2, and WPS security. Other features include MITM, sniffing, session hijacking, and so on.

Fern Wifi Cracker

The following are some of the features of this tool:

  • Cracking WPA/WPA2 with Dictionary or WPS-based Attacks

  • On successful cracking, the key is automatically saved in the database.

  • System of Automatic Access Point Attack

  • Geolocation Tracking of Access Point MAC Address

  • Bruteforce Attacks (HTTP,HTTPS,TELNET,FTP)

  • WEP cracking via fragmentation, chop-chopping, caffe-latte,ARP Request Replay, or WPS attack.

  • 2. Aircrack-ng

    Aircrack-ng is the most widely used wifi hacking software for cracking WEP, WPA/WPA2, and WPS. Hackers have also been known to breach the security of Wifi radius servers. Aircrack-ng is a collection of tools that includes airmon-ng, airodump-ng, aireplay-ng, and others. If you don't understand how to utilize this tool, visit the official aircrack-ng webpage at


    3. Wifite

    Wifite is also a fantastic tool that allows you to perform multiple attacks in a row, including WEP, WPA/WPA2, and WPS. It aspires to be the wireless auditing tool that can be "set it and forget it."


    The following are some of the features of this tool:

  • De-authenticates hidden network clients automatically to reveal SSIDs

  • Numerous filters to specify what to attack (WEP/WPA/both, above certain signal strengths, channels, and so on).

  • Smart WPA de-authentication

  • Ctrl+C will halt any attack, giving you the option to continue, move on to the next target, skip cracking, or exit.

  • All passwords have been saved to cracked.txt

  • "Anonymous" feature; changes MAC address to a random location before attacking, then changes back when attacks are finished.

  • Thanks for reading this article, I hope this article will help you for what are you here for.

    DISCLAIMER: This Article is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only. Don't use the given information for illegal activities. Your are the only responsible for your actions!

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