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Info about Footprinting in Ethical Hacking

In this article, We will know about Footprinting (Ethical Hacking).

We have hear about Footprinting, but we don't know about. Let me introduce about Footprinting.

What is Footprinting?

info footprinting in hacking

Footprinting is defined as a method of gathering information about a target computer system and the entities they belong to. With the help of the gathered information about target computer system, a hacker can execute a successful cyber attack. There are basically two type of footprinting.

First one is, Active Footprinting

In this footprinting method, The attacker perform footprinting by getting in direct touch with the target computer system.

And the second one is, Passive Footprinting

In this footprinting method, The attacker collect information about a computer system which is located remote distance from the attacker.

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Some of the tools used for Footprinting are as below:-

  • nslookup
  • Nmap
  • traceroute
  • Sam Spade,etc.

  • Information that can be gathered from Footprinting by the attacker are as follows :-

  • Email id
  • Password
  • IP address
  • Firewall
  • Network map
  • URLs
  • Server configurations, etc.

  • Best Software used for Footprinting to get entity information

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    Wireshark : : It is a free and open source packet analyzer software. It is used for Data analysis, network troubleshooting,etc.

    Sources which is used by attacker for footprinting of the victim

    By the help of Social Media: As we know mostly people active on internet and they share there personal information as easy as a click, that's why hackers can get there personal data easily.

    Social Engineering : Social engineering is the term used for a broad range of malicious activities accomplished through human interactions.

    This is much for this article. See you in the next article. Stay Safe, Stay Secure.

    DISCLAIMER: This Article is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only. Don't use the given information for illegal activities. Your are the only responsible for your actions!

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