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In this article, we will list WhatsApp hacking apps that will get the job done. With the below applications and guide, you’ll know how to hack WhatsApp effortlessly.

How To Hack WhatsApp – Best Apps And Methods

WhatsApp Hacking Apps

Before we proceed, however, a word of advice. Remember, hacking into WhatsApp or a cell phone without the device owner’s knowledge is illegal and can have dire consequences. We recommend these applications to parents who want to monitor their minor children. In a few cases, businesses can also use these apps to monitor their employees.

List Of Top WhatsApp Hacking Apps

1. mSpy

2. Cocospy

3. FlexiSPY

1) mSpy

Osintgram - Osint tool

This is tool the best spy apps for parental control. Not only do you get a thorough sneak-peak of a target device’s WhatsApp chat and calls, but there are several other things you can monitor with this fantastic application as well.

From tracking location in real-time to keeping track of every incoming and outgoing call, mSpy is a beast when it comes to cell phone tracking. Aside from WhatsApp, mSpy also allows you to track the activity on other social apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, etc.

It also features an intuitive keylogging and screen recording function, which both come in handy when monitoring WhatsApp.

How to Hack WhatsApp using mSpy

• To begin tracking WhatsApp, you’ll first need to open a paid mSpy account.

mSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• Select the type of device you want to track. Once selected, you’ll also have to select the type of subscription plan.

mSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• Once you have registered, simply go to copy and paste the mSpy download link provided to you via email. Paste the link into your target phone’s browser.

• Download the APK file and hit install once the download is complete.

mSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• Simply follow the instructions given to you by the mSpy installation wizard to successfully install the device in your target device.

mSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• Allow all permissions for hassle-free installation. Enter the code mailed to you to complete the installation.

mSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• Once installation is complete, log into your mSpy dashboard from another device.

• On the dashboard, go to the Social Networks section, which you will find on the bottom left side of your screen. Select WhatsApp from here.

mSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• A window relaying information about the target device’s WhatsApp activity will open.

mSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• To check messages, simply tap on the ‘message’ icon. For calls, you can switch to the call icon right by its side.

Website link :- mSpy Website

2) Cocospy

Cocospy Whatsapp Hacking

This is a software which integrates seamlessly with your target device without the necessity to root or jailbreak it. It is easy to install and can monitor WhatsApp activity in real-time. The app will allow you to read received and sent messages with the date and timestamps attached. You also get access to media files shared on WhatsApp.

Aside from WhatsApp, Cocospy allows you to track calls, messages, and browser activity of the target device as well. Its geo-locating features are one of its highlights.

Steps to Hack Whatsapp using Cocospy

• Register, choose your subscription plan and open your Cocospy account.

Cocospy Whatsapp Hacking

• Take the target device, open a browser on it, and paste the Cocospy download link to start downloading the software.

Cocospy Whatsapp Hacking

• Once downloaded, install the file on your device.

Cocospy Whatsapp Hacking

• Follow the instructions as dictated by Cocospy to finish installing the application.

• Click finish installation.

Cocospy Whatsapp Hacking

• Open your Cocospy account on a separate device. Go to the ‘Social Apps’ section and select "WhatsApp". You’ll now be able to monitor the WhatsApp account of your target device.

Website link :- Cocospy Website

Cocospy Whatsapp Hacking

3) FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy Whatsapp Hacking

This app allows you to monitor WhatsApp activity on both Android and iOS devices. This is also one of those rare applications that can record voice mails and calls made on WhatsApp. Aside from WhatsApp, FlexiSPY also facilitates monitoring of other social applications like Viber, Facebook, Skype, Hangout, etc.

How to Hack into Whatsapp using FlexiSPY

• Buy a FlexiSPY Subscription Plan and Open your FlexiSPY Account.

FlexiSpy Whatsapp Hacking

• Take the target device and use the link provided to you during your registration to download FlexiSPY on it.

• Install the app by following the given instructions.

• Sign in to your FlexiSPY account, go to the IMs section and select Whatsapp to monitor all activity on the app.

FlexiSpy Whatsapp Hacking

Website link :- Cocospy Website

Thanks for reading the article. We hope that this article will be worthful to you. See you in the next article.

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